My whole life my passion has always been sports, anatomy and movement.

My vision is to heal, release and relax clients in order to achieve optimal health and performance.

With 10 years experience in the health industry I have combined my knowledge of movement, massage and recovery to provide specified individual treatments and treatment plans that extend well beyond your time on the table. My luxe space is designed to appeal to the senses and instantly relax you.

I massage a broad scope of individuals including elite athletes/teams, pregnant women, the elderly, highly active individuals, those looking for relaxation/stress relief and assitance with injuries. Through this I have accumulated an in depth knowledge of the human body. You are in safe hands, literally!

I opened this space to provide a multifaceted service including cupping, assisted stretching,  techniques combined with massage for optimal release. I also advise on take-home techniques and health tips to accelerate your results and aid prevention of further pain/complications.

My ultimate aim at Tessted Therapy  is  to help create holistic body awareness and to educate my clients. This refers to pain relief, relaxation, injury management and mobility culminating in the right recovery strategies for YOU! 

 Tess x