Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic  Drainage  Massage:

Our newest and most exciting treatment of 2024!

This treatment includes the stimulation of lymph nodes around the body to stimulate the release of fluid. Namely in locations of the neck, clavicle, auxillary (under armpit) ,  linguinals (top of legs), back of the knees and ankles. Lymphatic drainage works via long lighter flushing strokes towards these nodes to release fluid build up. We complete deep release of the abdominals, mainly the large intestinal tract, diaphragm and ribs.

Is it a full body treatment?

Yes - commencing face up chest and clavicle, upon completion face drainage.

There is a deep focus on large intestinal release, abdominals and diaphragm. Extensive leg flush both sides as we have lymph nodes in 3 locations in the leg.

Full back and arm flush, finishing supine replacing face massage including neck and scalp.

We advise the following for optimal results:

Water fast 24 hrs before

Low acidic foods post

No alcohol or caffeine consumption for 24hrs

Double your water intake (2L minimum)

Reduce stressful environments

Light exercise recommended day after

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage:

De bloats and de puffs! 

Breaks down cellulite and fat cells

Boosts weightloss 

Reduces fluid retention 

Aids digestive processes and scar tissue breakdown 

Helps with post injury or surgery swelling 

Eases tension in the body 

Gives an amazing skin glow


Suggested products -

7 day Detox - pre treatment.

Stocked by TT June 2024.

Any further questions or concerns contact TT directly.