• 45 mins - Injury Specific $115
  • 60 mins $140
  • 90 mins $170
  • 2hr treatment $260
  • Pregnancy Massage $155 (75 mins)
  • Lymphatic Drainage $180 (75 mins)
  • Lymphatic Drainage WITH remedial $200 (90 mins)


Add ons:

Cupping $10

Assisted Stretch $15


Specialising in:

Remedial /Deep Tissue/ Sports Massage - 

At TT we  create  bespoke treatments specific to the individual according to their circumstances.

We ask the right question and gather information in our pre-assessment and first touch palpation in order to develop the perfect treatment your body needs.

We incorporate a remedial massage skill set including deep tissue, sports massage, relaxation,  stretch and release techniques. These are full body treatments (60 minutes and above) utilising rhythm and flowing strokes to apply deep pressure into the layers of muscle fascia. 

Much more intense than relaxation/Swedish massage with added pressure often described as ‘good pain’. This added edge enhances the therapeutic benefits of massage, reduces tension and helps clients recover from exercise and injuries. The remedial aspect of the treatment is imperative to what we do - a remedy - to fix something!

This is intended as a targeted treatment for pain and injury. 

Remedial focuses on parts of the body that require rehabilitation. An in depth assessment of tendons, ligaments, posture and of course muscles, is required to identify the source and cause of pain. 

Remedial massage combines varying techniques and pressures dependant upon the injury and level of pain. Remedial massage is done with a goal in mind and will often be completed over a series of sessions - there is not always a ‘quick fix’. 

The sports massage element 

is proven to release and reduce tension in muscles, improve circulation and encourage the removal of waste products such as lactic acid during high intensity activity, there is also a relaxation element of course. All of this helps promote recovery and reduces the chance of muscle injury. Sports techniques are faster to warm up the muscle, with deep releases at insertion points. 

Recommended for highly active individuals, or those prepping/recovering from exercise.


Pregnancy Massage:

This treatment is 1 Hour and 15 minutes. 


Is Pregnancy massage safe for my baby?

ABSOLUTELY. I’m a fully qualified Remedial Massage therapist educated in women’s health and pregnancy massage. I’ve got 11 years experience as a health professional and know how to keep your baby and you! Safe!

The biggest thing is communication between the client and therapist to know that everything feels okay and you are comfortable/feel sturdy on the table. For extra precautions you can also clarify with your obstetrician before booking to make sure you are cleared to receive a treatment. 


What do I need to bring?

A pillow to help with your comfort on the table and a mindset for release/relaxation. 


Can I lie on my back?

Yes - you definitely can. In this position it is only recommended for approximately 5-7 minutes at the end of the massage for neck release. Again communication is key here - if the baby was to become unsettled or wriggle too much, causing you concern we just move positions. (I’ve done 100’s of pregnancy massages and never had any issues).


How does pregnancy massage work?

You lay on your side for most of it, supported by pillows, towels and the leg bolster. I complete your full body from head to toe each side and finish with neck and head massage on your back - permitting this is a comfy position for you. 


Lymphatic  Drainage  Massage:

Our newest and most exciting treatment of 2024!

This treatment includes the stimulation of lymph nodes around the body to stimulate the release of fluid. Namely in locations of the neck, clavicle, auxillary (under armpit) ,  linguinals (top of legs), back of the knees and ankles. Lymphatic drainage works via long lighter flushing strokes towards these nodes to release fluid build up. We complete deep release of the abdominals, mainly the large intestinal tract, diaphragm and ribs.

This is a full body treatment commencing face up and completed with face drainage to finish.

We advise the following for optimal results:

Water fast 24 hrs before

Low acidic foods post

No alcohol or caffeine consumption for 24hrs

Double your water intake (2L minimum)

Reduce stressful environments

Light exercise recommended day after


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For custom enquiries, please use our contact page to get in touch. 

Cancellation policy - minimum 24 hrs notice or your treatment fee will be forfeited. Public Holiday and Sunday service charges apply.