Post massage Care:
Sleep, Stress Free and hydrated. These are the 3 most imperative things post massage. Rest is vital to solidify the good work of a massage. Having a relaxing epsom salt bath when you get home and taking magnesium will also accelerate your results. 
Can I train post massage?
The short answer - NO. A minimum of 12 hours post massage is required in order to get the full benefits of the release work. A light walk whilst hydrating is the most I recommend. Ideally at least 24 hrs before any strenuous activity resumes. 
Do I offer Private Health Care Rebates? YES! We do offer rebates with all health care providers. You just need a tax receipt post massage and Tessted Tharapy’s Health Care Provider number relevant to your health fund insurer - and you are good to go!
Will it be painful?
No. More relieving and releasing. Remedial massage is designed to alleviate pain and discomfort. Releasing the layers of muscle fascia first will ensure that the massage is not painful. There will be some ‘intense’ moments but all worth it for the results.
Will I be sore?
Potentially. More likely that you will feel tender especially after a deep tissue release. This is due to deep fascia work where our knots and trigger points live. It's normal to be tender the first day after massage - the second day after is when the magic happens and the real release work is felt. Given that you follow the recommendations above!
How often should I receive massage?
As often as you like -  dependant upon your movement, stress and tension/discomfort level. But there’s no such thing as too much massage! If you are injured or in chronic pain it may take a few sessions to get the desired result and I am always honest with what I feel my client needs for the desired result.
But my aim is to see you less and get your body in a more pain free mobile zone!